Barrows family.

Samuel June Barrows (1845-1909) was a Unitarian minister, editor of the Christian Register (1880-1896), congressman (1897-1899), and reformer particularly interested in prison reform. He was secretary of the Prison Association of New York (1900-1909). His wife Isabel Chapin Barrows (1845-1913) was an ophthalmologist, stenographer, and reformer, who was closely associated with her husband in his activities. Their daughter Mabel Hay Barrows Mussey (1873-1931) was a dramatic director and dancer. Her husband Henry Raymond Mussey (1875-1940) was a professor of economics at Columbia and Wellesley and served as managing editor of The Nation (1918-1920, 1929-1930).

From the guide to the Barrows family papers, 1861-1931., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University)

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