Glasse, George Henry, 1761-1809

George Henry Glasse was the son of Dr. Samuel Glasse, rector of St. Mary's in Hanwell, Middlesex, near London. George attended Christ Church, Oxford, receiving his BA in 1779 and his MA in 1782. He succeeded his father as rector of Hanwell in 1785, and published numerous sermons and translations. He also served as the domestic chaplain to Adolphus Frederick, Duke of Cambridge. In November of 1783, he married his cousin Anne Fletcher (d. 1802), and they had at least seven children. In October of 1805, he married Harriet Wheeler (d. 1846), by whom he had one more child, Frederick Henry Hastings Glasse (b. 1806). Struggling with heavy debt, he committed suicide in 1809.

From the description of George Henry Glasse correspondence, 1757-1808 (inclusive), 1778-1808 (bulk). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 612850860


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