Nehrling, Henry, 1853-1929

Ornithologist, horticulturist.

Henry Nehrling was born on May 9, 1853 in Herman, Wisconsin. He developed an interest in nature during hikes to and from school. In 1890 he became Custodian of the Public Museum in Milwaukee where he collected plant specimens for their greenhouse. Nehrling then developed a garden in Gotha, Florida, where he purchased land in 1884. He grew, hybridized and popularized many exotic plants for the general public. Caladiums, palms, bamboo and amaryllis were all introduced to the United States by way of his Palm Cottage Gardens. In 1917 he purchased land in Naples, Florida, to continue work with fancy leaved Caladiums. He relocated his breeding program to this area and studied tropical plants, and in 1922 he permanently settled in Naples. Nehrling died on November 22, 1929, and was laid to rest in the Gotha Cemetery. His Naples garden was preserved as the Jungle Larry's Caribbean Gardens.


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