Jefferson, Peter, 1708-1757

Peter Jefferson (1708-1757), Virginia planter, cartographer and surveyor, father of Thomas Jefferson, married Jane Randolph 1739. In the 1740s, the family moved to Shadwell Plantation in Albemarle County. In 1744 Jefferson became the Goochland County surveyor. In 1745, he was appointed guardian of the children of his friend and kinsman, Col. William Randolph of Tuckahoe (1712-1745). The Jefferson family soon moved to Tuckahoe, in Goochland County, returning to Shadwell in 1752. Peter Jefferson died there in on Aug. 17, 1757. Peter Jefferson was one of the founders, along with Joshua Fry, Thomas Walker, and Edmund Pendleton, of the Loyal Land Company. Jointly with Joshua Fry, he created a comprehensive map of the Virginia Colony, known as Fry-Jefferson Map (1751).

From the description of Account book of the estate of Peter Jefferson, 1757-1765. (Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens). WorldCat record id: 422762394


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