Barclay, Florence L. (Florence Louisa), 1862-1921

Novelist Florence L. Barclay was the daughter and wife of clergymen. Born in Surrey, her first novel was published in 1891, but the publisher's bankruptcy inhibited sales; her second novel wasn't published until 1905. Her 1910 novel, The Rosary, achieved enormous popularity, and subsequent novels were also well-received. Critics noted that her plots were unbelievable and her stories clouded with sentiment, but her novels remained popular. She had a long-standing interest in spiritualism, and her religious beliefs impacted her writing and her personal life; she donated the profits of The Rosary to charity.

From the description of Florence L. Barclay letters to Canon Girdlestone, 1910-1912. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 62171558

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