Veĭdle, V., 1895-1979.

Mark Efimovich Weinbaum (otherwise transliterated Veinbaum), the prominent journalist, philanthropist, and editor in chief of Novoe Russkoe Slovo, was born in the provincial town of Proskurov, in Russia, on October 20, 1890, into a well-off, intellectual family. His father was a lawyer and a journalist. Weinbaum graduated from the School of Commerce in 1913 and travelled to the United States, arriving in New York in December. He planned to stay for six months before going on to the university and had intended to follow in his father's footsteps and study law. The outbreak of World War I and the subsequent revolutionary events in Russia prevented his return. He remained in New York, where he attended City College and New York University. He started to work for Russkoe Slovo, then under the editorship of I. K. Okuntsev, in 1914.

The bi-weekly newspaper, founded in 1910, had a tiny readership among the population of pre-revolutionary Russian immigrants. With the outbreak of war, circulation rose dramatically and the frequency of publication increased to six times a week. A Sunday edition was added later.


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