Ivask, I︠U︡riĭ.

The name Ivask is Estonian. So were George Ivask's ancestors. His great-grandfather was a miller, his grandfather, who married a German, an agronomist. Ivask's father Paul, born in 1881, left Estonia, settled in Moscow, and completely assimilated. He married Evgeniia Frolov, the daughter of a jeweller who belonged to a distinguished family of merchants. Her mother's maiden name was Zhivago.

George Ivask called himself an intellectual poet. He was also a keen literary critic and the author of countless articles, essays, stories and tales, reviews, and diaries whose literary works remain partly unpublished. He was a historian of Russian literature, a distinguished professor, and an able scholar with interests in the history, architecture, and culture of many countries, especially of Italy, Portugal, and Mexico. He travelled widely.


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