Payne, Fernandus, 1881-1977

Fernandus Payne was affiliated with Indiana University for nearly 50 years, first as a student, then professor and administrator.

Indiana University alumnus Fernandus Payne began teaching zoology at IU shortly after receiving his Ph. D. at Columbia University in 1909. After promotion to full professor in 1919 and the death of Dean Carl Eigenmann in 1927, Payne became the next dean of the Graduate School as well as the new chair of the Zoology Department. He retired from his position as dean in 1947 and professorship in 1951. As a member of the IU community Payne made many great contributions, including attracting cutting edge genetics researchers such as Hermann Muller and Salvador Luria to the university. Dr. Payne died 13 October 1977.


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