Brittain, Frederick

Frederick Brittain (1893-1969) was educated at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Barnet, and Jesus College, Cambridge. He was Fellow and Keeper of the Records of Jesus College, and held the college posts of librarian, 1930-1945, steward, 1945-1954, and praelector, 1954-1964. Brittain was lecturer in medieval Latin literature at Cambridge, 1930-1961, and the editor of the Cambridge review, 1942-1948. He died on 15 March 1969.

John Alcock (1430-1500) was born and educated in Beverley. He was ordained deacon and priest in 1449, and became Rector of St Margaret's, Fish Street, London, 1461, and prebendary of St Paul's and Salisbury, 1468. He was appointed Bishop of Rochester, 1472, Worcester, 1476, and Ely, 1486. Alcock founded Jesus College, Cambridge, in 1497. He died at Wisbech Castle, Cambridgeshire, on 1 October 1500.


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