Döllinger, Johann Joseph Ignaz von, 1799-1890

Alternative names
Birth 1799-02-28
Death 1890-01-14

Biographical notes:

Johann Joseph Ignaz von Dollinger was a German Catholic church historian and theologian. He was born February 28, 1799 in Bamberg, Bavaria, and died January 10, 1890 in Munich. His part in the rise of the German Catholic Church against the authority of the Catholic Church at Rome colors his career as teacher and scholar of theology and ecclesiastical history and his role as a member of the Frankfurt Parliament.

Dollinger's career in theology and church history began when his father, a professor of medicine at the University of Bamberg, obtained for him a teaching position in canon law and church history at the lyceum of Aschaffenburg. In 1826, while at the lyceum, Dollinger published his first work, "Die Eucharistie in den dreiersten Jahrhunderten." This well-respected treatise launched his career, earning for him a position on the theological faculty of the Bavarian University of Landshut and a position on the theological faculty at Munich, both in 1826. Dollinger was well-regarded in the German and British academic and ecclesiastical communities and by German royalty, receiving various distinguished appointments, offices, and honors.

Dollinger's life was not without controversy. In the 1830s he became involved in the dispute over mixed marriages. Dollinger and his Munich friends became ardent supporters of Catholic rights and this alienated him from Guido Gorres and his friends. The German theologian widened the gap between himself and the Gorres circle when, as a result of his opposition to the Jesuits and the Roman Curia, he became a supporter of a national Catholic Church, independent of Rome. Dollinger's opposition to the authority of the Catholic Church eventually led to his break with it and its excommunication of him in 1871. The dogma of Papal Infallibility, proclaimed on July 18, 1870, played an important role in the rupture of Dollinger's relationship with the Church.

From the description of Johann Joseph Ignaz von Dollinger letter, 1882 Dec. 26. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122552453


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