Henry II, King of England, 1133-1189

Alternative names
Birth 1133-03-05
Death 1189-07-06

Biographical notes:

Accession date: 1154

Places: England

Title: King of England, Duke of Normandy and of Aquitaine

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000472.0x0000a6


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  • Chester, Cheshire (as recorded)
  • Northall, Middlesex (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • River Tyne, United Kingdom (as recorded)
  • Billingham, Durham (as recorded)
  • Sherburn, Durham (as recorded)
  • Skirbeck, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Durham, England (as recorded)
  • Norwich, Norfolk (as recorded)
  • Boston, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Havering atte Bower, Essex (as recorded)
  • Gransden, Huntingdonshire (as recorded)
  • Yorkshire, England (as recorded)
  • Havering atte Bower, Essex (as recorded)
  • Elmley, Kent (as recorded)
  • Northumberland, England (as recorded)
  • Bolton, Edlingham (as recorded)
  • Milton, Hundred of, Kent (as recorded)
  • Troy, Asia Minor (as recorded)
  • Upminster, Essex (as recorded)
  • Scotia, Scotland (as recorded)
  • Edlingham, Northumberland (as recorded)
  • Normanton, Nottinghamshire (as recorded)
  • Bedfordshire, England (as recorded)
  • Heworth, Durham (as recorded)
  • Wolviston, Durham (as recorded)
  • Queenborough, Kent (as recorded)
  • Bristol, Gloucestershire (as recorded)
  • Northallerton, North Riding of Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Harty, Kent (as recorded)
  • Calais, France (as recorded)
  • King's Langley, Hertfordshire (as recorded)
  • Aldbourn, Wiltshire (as recorded)
  • Winchester, Hampshire (as recorded)
  • Mantes, France (as recorded)
  • Howden, Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Outwell, counties Cambridgeshire and Norfolk (as recorded)
  • Edrom, Berwickshire (as recorded)
  • Essex, England (as recorded)
  • Isle of Sheppey, Kent (as recorded)
  • Dunstanburgh, Northumberland (as recorded)
  • Shropshire, England (as recorded)
  • York, Province of, England (as recorded)
  • Staincliff in Craven, West Riding of Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Kent, England (as recorded)
  • Calais, France (as recorded)
  • Bamburgh, Northumberland (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Southwark, Surrey (as recorded)
  • Wennington, Essex (as recorded)
  • Camberon, France (as recorded)
  • Nottinghamshire, England (as recorded)
  • Worcestershire, England (as recorded)
  • St Albans, Hertfordshire (as recorded)
  • Isle of Grain, Kent (as recorded)
  • Clarendon, Wiltshire (as recorded)
  • Elwick, Northumberland (as recorded)
  • Lynsted, Kent (as recorded)
  • Chetton, Shropshire (as recorded)
  • Norhamshire, Northumberland (as recorded)
  • Suffolk, England (as recorded)
  • Paris, France (as recorded)
  • Muggleswick, Durham (as recorded)
  • Romford, Essex (as recorded)
  • Wales, United Kingdom (as recorded)
  • Italy, Europe (as recorded)
  • Ireland, Europe (as recorded)
  • Skipwith, East Riding of Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Germany, Europe (as recorded)
  • Old Romney, Kent (as recorded)
  • Coldingham, Berwickshire (as recorded)
  • Cambridge, Cambridgeshire (as recorded)
  • Simonside, Durham (as recorded)
  • Hadham, Hertfordshire (as recorded)
  • Great Warley, Essex (as recorded)
  • Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland (as recorded)
  • Colchester Forest, Essex (as recorded)
  • Kilham, Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • St Omer, Pas-de-Calais (as recorded)
  • County Durham, England (as recorded)
  • Spain, Europe (as recorded)
  • Selby, Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Stortford Forest, Essex (as recorded)
  • Scotland, United Kingdom (as recorded)
  • Hambledon, Hampshire (as recorded)
  • Hilton, Durham (as recorded)
  • Wales, United Kingdom (as recorded)
  • Broughton, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Spennymoor, Durham (as recorded)
  • Wallingford, Berkshire (as recorded)
  • Portersfee, Essex (as recorded)
  • Rainham, Essex (as recorded)
  • Rouen, France (as recorded)
  • Poitiers, France (as recorded)
  • River Norumbega, North America (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Hereford, Herefordshire (as recorded)
  • Canterbury, Kent (as recorded)
  • Normandy, France (as recorded)
  • Greatham, Durham (as recorded)
  • Northamptonshire, England (as recorded)
  • Netherlands, Europe (as recorded)
  • Hertford, Hertfordshire (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Hibernia, Europe (as recorded)
  • Cologne, Germany (as recorded)
  • Peru, South America (as recorded)
  • Houghton St Giles, Norfolk (as recorded)
  • Lincolnshire, England (as recorded)
  • Windsor, Berkshire (as recorded)
  • River Nene, Northamptonshire (as recorded)
  • Eltham, Kent (as recorded)
  • Brancepeth, Durham (as recorded)
  • Cambridge, Cambridgeshire (as recorded)
  • Ireland, Europe (as recorded)
  • Guiana, South America (as recorded)
  • Genoa, Italy (as recorded)
  • Lucca, Italy (as recorded)
  • Bernay, Normandy (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Rockingham Forest, Northamptonshire (as recorded)
  • North America, America (as recorded)
  • Kent, England (as recorded)
  • Eastrington, Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Ireland, Europe (as recorded)
  • Waltham Forest, Essex (as recorded)
  • Preston, Durham (as recorded)
  • Holtby, Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Southwark, Surrey (as recorded)