Hall, Ansel F. (Ansel Franklin), 1894-1962

Alternative names
Birth 1894-05-06
Death 1962-03-28

Biographical notes:

A series of Rainbow Bridge/Monument Valley Expeditions were carried out between 1933 and 1938, but the most famous one is possibly the 1933 expedition. The goal of the expeditions was to research the area so that the National Park Service could establish a park in the region from southeast Utah to Northern Arizona. Led by Ansel Hall, the expedition included members from the Explorers Club from New York, researchers from UC-Berkeley, and others from a variety of universities throughout the United States. Ultimately, the region did not achieve National Park status, and remained a National Monument as it had been established in 1909.

The collection was previously called the “Ansel Hall collection,” as Hall led the expedition and donated the materials to the Museum of Northern Arizona. Ansel Hall (1894-1962) was born in Oakland, California, and graduated from the University of California’s Forestry Department. In 1924, he married June Alexander, and the couple raised six children. Hall worked for the NPS at both Sequoia National Park and Yosemite National Park as park ranger and park naturalist, respectively. From 1923 to 1937, he served in NPS more senior positions such as chief naturalist, senior naturalist, chief forester, and chief of the Field Division. He left NPS in 1938, but continued to be active with National Parks through developing interpretive programs, developing museum associations, and operating concessions at Mesa Verde. As Head of Education for the Western Region, he organized the Rainbow Bridge-Monument Valley Expedition in 1933. Hall is credited with influencing a number of individuals, including photographer Ansel Adams and other artists.

From the guide to the Rainbow Bridge-Monument Valley Expedition collection, 1933-1935, (The Museum of Northern Arizona)


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  • Rainbow Bridge--Monument Valley Expedition


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  • Glen Canyon (Utah and Ariz.) (as recorded)
  • Cliff dwellings –- Colorado (as recorded)
  • Navajo Mountain Region (Utah) (as recorded)
  • Monument Valley (Ariz. and Utah) (as recorded)
  • Rainbow Bridge (Utah) (as recorded)
  • Kayenta (Ariz.) (as recorded)