Campbell, Archibald, 1769-1843

Alternative names
Birth 1769-03-12
Death 1843-10-06

Biographical notes:

1787 ensign in 77th regiment; 1788-1799 army of the Bombay presidency, served in Third Anglo-Mysore War and Ceylon; 1799 brigade major to European brigade of the Bombay division, served in Fourth Anglo-Mysore War; 1804 major, 6th batallion of reserve, Guernsey; 1805 transferred to 71st (Highland light infantry); 1805-1808 commander of 2nd battalion in Scotland and Ireland; 1808-1809 1st battalion, served in Spain; 1809 lieutenant-colonel; 1809-1820 served in Portugal; 1814 knighthood, colonel, aide-de-camp to the prince regent; 1815 KCB; 1816 Portuguese major-general; 1821 lieutenant-colonel of the 38th regiment; 1824-1826 served in First Anglo-Burmese War; 1826 GCB; 1826-1829 governor of ceded provinces of Burma and civil commissioner to courts of Burma and Siam; 1829-1834 colonel of the 95th regiment; 1834-1840 colonel of the 77th regiment; 1831 baronetcy; 1831-1837 lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick; 1838 lieutenant-general; 1840-1843 colonel of the 62nd regiment

Epithet: general, colonial governor

Title: 1st Baronet

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001394.0x00035f


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  • Madagascar, Africa (as recorded)
  • Fort William, Calcutta (as recorded)
  • Ireland, Europe (as recorded)
  • Bengal, India (as recorded)
  • Philippines, Asia (as recorded)
  • Russia, Europe, Asia (as recorded)
  • Sicily, Italy (as recorded)
  • Bombay, India (as recorded)
  • Delhi, India (as recorded)
  • Ava, Burma (as recorded)
  • Penang, Malaysia (as recorded)
  • Coimbatore, Madras (as recorded)
  • India, Asia (as recorded)
  • Vellore, Madras (as recorded)
  • Kolhapur State, India (as recorded)
  • Tanjore, Madras (as recorded)
  • Iran, Asia (as recorded)
  • Java, Indonesia (as recorded)
  • Kanara District, Madras (as recorded)
  • Ava, Burma (as recorded)
  • Madras, India (as recorded)
  • Singapore, Asia (as recorded)
  • Kyimindaing, Burma (as recorded)
  • Canada, North America (as recorded)
  • Canton, Kwangtung, China (as recorded)
  • Nagpur, Central Provinces (as recorded)
  • Lincoln, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Bombay, India (as recorded)
  • Central India, India (as recorded)
  • Hyderabad State, India (as recorded)
  • Anantapur, Madras (as recorded)
  • Canada, North America (as recorded)
  • Mysore State, India (as recorded)
  • Rangoon, Myanmar (as recorded)
  • Ireland, Europe (as recorded)
  • Paris, France (as recorded)
  • Ramree, Burma (as recorded)
  • Iran, Asia (as recorded)
  • Oudh, India (as recorded)
  • Bombay, India (as recorded)
  • Rangoon, Myanmar (as recorded)
  • Travancore State, India (as recorded)
  • Hyderabad State, India (as recorded)
  • Central Asia, Asia (as recorded)
  • Deccan, India (as recorded)
  • Bharatpur, India (as recorded)
  • Hong Kong, China (as recorded)
  • St Helena, South Atlantic Ocean (as recorded)
  • Burma, Asia (as recorded)
  • Cuddapah, Madras (as recorded)
  • Trichinopoly, Madras (as recorded)
  • Cape of Good Hope, South Africa (as recorded)
  • Madras, India (as recorded)
  • India, Asia (as recorded)
  • China, Asia (as recorded)
  • Poona, India (as recorded)
  • Rajputana, India (as recorded)
  • Gujarat, India (as recorded)
  • Brazil, South America (as recorded)
  • Malacca, Malaysia (as recorded)
  • Shahpur, Sind (as recorded)