Gadow, Hans, 1855-1928

Alternative names
Birth 1855-03-08
Death 1928-05-16

Biographical notes:

Hans Friedrich Gadow was a zoologist.

From the description of Letters, 1906-1913. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 173466017

A prolific and diverse scholar, Hans Friedrich Gadow (1855-1928), wrote on such topics as birds, Mexican peoples and animals, reptiles, and other vertebrates. Born in Germany in 1855, he studied anatomy with Ernst Haeckel in Germany before moving to England, where his research on avian anatomy and systematics had broad influence. In 1892, Gadow published his classification system of birds, partially founded on the work by Maximilian Furbinger. Alexander Wetmore used Gadow's classification of birds for his own work, published in 1930 and James L. Peters adapted Wetmore's research, in turn, for his "Checklist of Birds of the World" series.

Gadow was Curator of the Stricklandian Collections at Cambridge University and a Reader on the morphology of vertebrates. He and Haeckel co-authored the book "The Lost Link," published in 1898 and Gadow collaborated with Richard Sharpe on the "Catalogue of Birds in the British Museum", he wrote two volumes on the Passeriformes (perching birds). Gadow wrote two volumes in the British Museum series: Catalogue of the Passeriformes, or perching birds, in the collection of the British Museum. Cichlomorphae: pt.V. containing the families Paridae and Laniidae (titmice and shrikes) and Certhiomorphae (creepers and nuthatches), no. 8, and Catalogue of the Passeriformes... Cinnyrimorphae: containing the families Nectarinidae and Meliphagidae (sunbirds and honey eaters), no. 9. Gadow also authored a volume in "The Cambridge Natural History," series on reptiles and amphibia.

In 1908, Gadow published "Through Southern Mexico," which described the ruins, natural history, flora, and people of the area between Oaxaca and Vera Cruz and included many illustrations (primarily photographs). Gadow also wrote a book on Jorullo in Mexico. Jorullo is a cinder-cone volcano that erupted continuously between 1759 and 1774. Gadow's book on Jorullo was a study of the effect that the volcanic eruption had on the wildlife and fauna of the region and was published posthumously in 1930.

From the guide to the Hans Gadow Papers, 1907-1914, (American Philosophical Society)


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