Conolly, Arthur, 1807-1842?

Alternative names
Birth 1807-07-02
Death 1842-06-17

Biographical notes:

1822 received cavalry cadetship, travelled to Bengal; 1824 cornet in the 6th Bengal native light cavalry; 1825 lieutenant; c 1929 returned to England (sick leave); 1829-1831 travelled from London to India via Central Asia; 1834 assistant to the government agent in Rajputana; 1838 captain, returned to England on furlough; 1840 staff of the British envoy in Kabul; 1840-1841 mission to Khiva and Kokand; 1841 imprisoned in Bukhara.

Epithet: army officer in India and traveller

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000698.0x000266


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  • Burma, Asia (as recorded)
  • Multan, Punjab (as recorded)
  • North-Western Provinces, India (as recorded)
  • Tigris River, Asia (as recorded)
  • Syria, Asia (as recorded)
  • Bewcastle, Cumberland (as recorded)
  • Westbury, Wiltshire (as recorded)
  • Bahawalpur State, India (as recorded)
  • Malacca, Malaysia (as recorded)
  • Aleppo, Syria (as recorded)
  • Iraq, Asia (as recorded)
  • Broughton, Warwickshire (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Jagannatha Temple, India (as recorded)
  • Oudh, India (as recorded)
  • Dallinghoe, Suffolk (as recorded)
  • Euphrates River, Asia (as recorded)
  • Khairpur State, India (as recorded)
  • Madras, India (as recorded)
  • Iran, Asia (as recorded)
  • China, Asia (as recorded)
  • Egypt, Africa (as recorded)
  • Dijon, France (as recorded)
  • Sproughton, Suffolk (as recorded)
  • Central Asia, Asia (as recorded)
  • Bombay, India (as recorded)
  • Baroda State, India (as recorded)
  • Punjab, India (as recorded)
  • Cadiz, Spain (as recorded)
  • Yealmpton, Devon (as recorded)
  • Todi, Umbria (as recorded)
  • Bengal, India (as recorded)
  • Penang, Malaysia (as recorded)
  • Turkey, Asia minor (as recorded)
  • Russia, Europe, Asia (as recorded)
  • Satara, Bombay (as recorded)
  • Bredon, Warwickshire (as recorded)
  • Isle of Grain, Kent (as recorded)
  • Macao, China (as recorded)
  • Herat, Afghanistan (as recorded)
  • Indus River, India (as recorded)
  • Mitton, Worcestershire (as recorded)
  • Athens, Greece (as recorded)
  • Middle East, Asia (as recorded)
  • India, Asia (as recorded)
  • Hyderabad State, India (as recorded)
  • Sind, India (as recorded)
  • Singapore, Asia (as recorded)
  • Nayland, Suffolk (as recorded)
  • Hacheston, Suffolk (as recorded)
  • Afghanistan, Asia (as recorded)