Richard II, King of England, 1367-1400

Alternative names
Birth 1367-01-06
Death 1400

Biographical notes:

Accession date: 1377

Places: England

Title: King of England and Lord of Ireland

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000472.0x000062


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  • Manuscripts--English
  • Church lands--Early works to 1800
  • Initials--Specimens
  • Illumination of books and manuscripts, English


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  • Lisbon, Portugal (as recorded)
  • Portugal, Europe (as recorded)
  • Brussels, Belgium (as recorded)
  • Boston, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Algarkirk, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Anlaby, East Riding of Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Ireland, Europe (as recorded)
  • Bishampton, Worcestershire (as recorded)
  • Bruges, Belgium (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Donington, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Scotland, United Kingdom (as recorded)
  • Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland (as recorded)
  • Ireland, Europe (as recorded)
  • Sussex, England (as recorded)
  • Brumley, Lancashire (as recorded)
  • Augsburg, Germany (as recorded)
  • Middelburg, Zeeland (as recorded)
  • Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Netherlands, Europe (as recorded)
  • Guernsey, Channel Islands (as recorded)
  • Ireland, Europe (as recorded)
  • Hastings, Sussex (as recorded)
  • Isle of Man, England (as recorded)
  • Scotland, United Kingdom (as recorded)
  • Bristol, Gloucestershire (as recorded)
  • Llanwith, Denbighshire (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Hamburg, Germany (as recorded)
  • Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom (as recorded)
  • Marlow, Buckinghamshire (as recorded)
  • Canterbury, Province of, Kent (as recorded)
  • Lübeck, Germany (as recorded)
  • Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire (as recorded)
  • Wrangle, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Saxony, Germany (as recorded)
  • Gascony, France (as recorded)
  • Sherrington, Buckinghamshire (as recorded)
  • Cambridge, Cambridgeshire (as recorded)
  • Montreuil, France (as recorded)
  • Isle of Thanet, Kent (as recorded)
  • Oldenburg, Germany (as recorded)
  • Maenan, Caernarfonshire (as recorded)
  • Boston, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Somerset, England (as recorded)
  • Cologne, Germany (as recorded)
  • Channel Islands, United Kingdom (as recorded)
  • Kent, England (as recorded)
  • Upminster, Essex (as recorded)
  • Kent, England (as recorded)
  • Plympton, Devon (as recorded)
  • Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom (as recorded)
  • Eltham Park, Kent (as recorded)
  • Wigtoft, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom (as recorded)
  • Oxford, Oxfordshire (as recorded)
  • Stade, Germany (as recorded)
  • Bayeux, France (as recorded)
  • Wexebrugge, Middlesex (as recorded)
  • Ely, Cambridgeshire (as recorded)
  • Surrey, England (as recorded)
  • Grafton, Worcestershire (as recorded)
  • Lithuania, Europe (as recorded)
  • Wormhulle, Derbyshire (as recorded)
  • River Thames, England (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Suffolk, England (as recorded)
  • Worms, the Rhineland (as recorded)
  • Lytton, Derbyshire (as recorded)
  • Wennington, Essex (as recorded)
  • Quadring, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Calais, France (as recorded)
  • Danzig, Germany (as recorded)
  • Bennington, Holland (as recorded)
  • Culloden, Invernesshire (as recorded)
  • England--Gloucestershire (as recorded)
  • Sandwich, Kent (as recorded)
  • South Lynn, Norfolk (as recorded)
  • Tunstides, Derbyshire (as recorded)
  • Taunton, Somerset (as recorded)
  • York, Province of, England (as recorded)
  • Slaidburn, Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Clarendon, Wiltshire (as recorded)
  • Woodstock, Oxfordshire (as recorded)
  • Leigh, Wiltshire Leigh in (as recorded)
  • Liege, Belgium (as recorded)
  • Sandown Bridge, Kent (as recorded)
  • Caus, Shropshire (as recorded)
  • United States of America (as recorded)
  • Hampton Lovett, Worcestershire (as recorded)
  • Church-Stanton, Devon (as recorded)
  • Hadham, Hertfordshire (as recorded)
  • Rainham, Essex (as recorded)
  • Dublin, Ireland (as recorded)
  • Kent, England (as recorded)
  • Hierathog, Denbighshire (as recorded)
  • United Provinces, the Netherlands (as recorded)
  • Scotland, United Kingdom (as recorded)
  • Bruges, Belgium (as recorded)
  • Dover, Kent (as recorded)
  • Mensterleye, Shropshire (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Rayleigh, Essex (as recorded)
  • Kirkton in Holland, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Hamburg, Germany (as recorded)
  • Queenborough, Kent (as recorded)
  • Ireland, Europe (as recorded)
  • Prussia, Germany (as recorded)
  • Huntingdonshire, England (as recorded)
  • Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Italy, Europe (as recorded)
  • Melksham, Wiltshire (as recorded)
  • Boroughbridge, Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Harfleur, France (as recorded)
  • Surrey, England (as recorded)
  • Calais, France (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Melfi, Italy (as recorded)
  • Clare, Suffolk (as recorded)
  • South Wraxhall, Wiltshire (as recorded)
  • Bremen, Germany (as recorded)
  • Dinant, Belgium (as recorded)
  • Borley, Essex (as recorded)
  • Buckinghamshire, England (as recorded)
  • Durham, England (as recorded)
  • Walmer, Kent (as recorded)
  • Havering atte Bower, Essex (as recorded)
  • Peniche, Portugal (as recorded)
  • Mantes, France (as recorded)
  • Asti, Italy (as recorded)
  • Sutterton, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Ireland, Europe (as recorded)
  • Cornwall, England (as recorded)
  • Norberne, Norway (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Paris, France (as recorded)
  • Wyberton, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Upton Warren, Worcestershire (as recorded)
  • Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire (as recorded)
  • Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom (as recorded)
  • Devizes, Wiltshire (as recorded)
  • Pontefract, Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Leake, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Monyassh, Derbyshire (as recorded)
  • Westminster, Middlesex (as recorded)
  • Antwerp, Belgium (as recorded)
  • Tiddeswell, Derbyshire (as recorded)
  • Southwark, Surrey (as recorded)
  • Charlton-Cannvill, Somers (as recorded)
  • Bayonne, France (as recorded)
  • Campsall, Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Havering atte Bower, Essex (as recorded)
  • Almondbury, Yorkshire (as recorded)
  • Great Warley, Essex (as recorded)
  • Long Fen, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Wales, United Kingdom (as recorded)
  • Gelderland, the Netherlands (as recorded)
  • Lüneburg, Lower Saxony (as recorded)
  • Gloucestershire (England) (as recorded)
  • Norwich, Norfolk (as recorded)
  • Drumclog, Lanarkshire (as recorded)
  • Bedfordshire, England (as recorded)
  • New Zealand--Wellington (as recorded)
  • Melun, France (as recorded)
  • Skibeck, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Essex, England (as recorded)
  • Norfolk, England (as recorded)
  • Windsor, Berkshire (as recorded)
  • Warwickshire, England (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Fosdike, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Great Chart, Kent (as recorded)
  • Holbeach, Lincolnshire (as recorded)
  • Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk (as recorded)
  • Flanders, Belgium (as recorded)
  • Ireland, Europe (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Naples, Italy (as recorded)
  • London, England (as recorded)
  • Switzerland, Europe (as recorded)