Masursky, Harold, 1922-

Alternative names
Birth 1922-12-23
Death 1990-08-24

Biographical notes:

Harold Masursky (b. Dec. 23, 1922, Fort Wayne, Indiana-d. Aug. 24, 1990, Flagstaff, Arizona) joined the United States Geological Survey (USGS) as a geologist on June 9, 1948 with the status of an intermittent employee while completing his Ph.D. in geology at Yale University. After earning his doctorate, Masursky became a full-time geologist at the USGS in 1951 working in various USGS field offices including: the Fuels Branch in Denver, Colorado, July 23, 1951 to February 11, 1956; the Branch of General Geology in Denver, Colorado, from February 12, 1956 to November 26, 1960; and the Branch of Regional Geology in Southwestern States Project Investigations in Denver, Colorado, November 27, 1960 to September 26, 1962. During this time period between 1951 and 1962, Marsursky focused on the economic geology of uraniferous coals in Wyoming, the economic and structural geology of Cortez Range, Nevada, and the stratigraphy and petrology of ash-flow tuffs in the Toiyabe Range of Nevada. On September 27, 1962, he joined the newly formed Branch of Astrogeology in Menlo Park, California as a geologist working under the Branch Chief, Eugene M. Shoemaker. On January 29, 1967, Masursky became the Branch Chief of the Branch of Astrogeology overseeing three offices in Menlo Park, California, Flagstaff, Arizona, and Washington DC. On June 9, 1967, the Branch of Astrogeology was divided into two branches; the Branch of Astrogeologic Studies and the Branch of Lunar Planetary Exploration. Masursky retained the title of Branch Chief over the Branch of Astrogeologic Studies and directed the branch’s lunar and planetary geology programs. On September 6, 1968, Masursky relocated to the Flagstaff, Arizona office and later relinquished his administrative role as the Branch Chief on June 27, 1970, taking the title of Chief Scientist to focus more broadly on science and programmatic developments in lunar and planetary studies. Between June 28, 1970 and January 10, 1983, he worked as Chief Scientist in the Branch of Astrogeologic Studies. On January 11, 1983, the Branch of Astrogeologic Studies was redesignated as the Branch of Astrogeology where Masursky continued to work until his retirement on December 30, 1989. He died on August 24, 1990 from complications associated with diabetes.

From the description of Masursky, Harold, 1922-1990 (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration). naId: 12087728


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