Leland, Henry Martyn, 1843-1932

Alternative names
Birth 1843-02-16
Death 1932-03-26

Biographical notes:

Born Barton, VT, 1843; gun mechanic during Civil War; designed automobile engines; served on first board of directors and first general manager of Cadillac Automobile Co., 1902; left Cadillac and founded Lincoln Co., 1917.

From the description of Diary, 1913. (Clarke Historical Library). WorldCat record id: 32058281

Henry Leland was co-founder of the Cadillac Motor Car Co. and founder of the Lincoln Motor Co. With his son Wilfred and three others he formed the Leland and Faulconer Co., a manufacturer of machine tools, in Detroit in 1890. They expanded their products to internal combustion engines, manufacturing small boat engines and with an order placed by Ransom Olds, later began manufacturing automobile engines. Leland co-founded the Cadillac Automobile Co. in 1902 and later merged it with Leland and Faulconer to form the Cadillac Motor Car Co. Henry Leland continued as president and Wilfred as vice president of the company after it was sold to General Motors. After resigning from General Motors, they founded the Lincoln Motor Co. in 1917 which first produced airplane engines then turned to automobile production. The company ended up in receivership and was sold to Henry Ford.

From the description of Henry and Wilfred Leland collection, 1910-1953. (Detroit Public Library). WorldCat record id: 52206392


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