Macchi, Vincenzo, 1770-1860

Alternative names
Birth 1770-08-30
Death 1860-09-30
Latin, Italian, French

Biographical notes:

Vincenzo Macchi (1770-1860) was born at Capodimonte in the diocese of Montefiasconi and died at Rome. He was assigned to the nunciature for Lisbon when the French invaded Portugal in 1808, but Macchi, following the court, left for Brazil. Between 1808 and 1817 Macchi was internuncio and apostolic delegate in Portugal. In 1818 he was appointed nuncio to Switzerland and in 1819 transferred to Paris, where he remained until 1827. He was named a cardinal in 1826. When he returned from France he assumed the tasks of legate to Ravenna (1828-1830), president of the Congregation for the Revision of Accounts and Public Administration (1832-1835), prefect of the Congregation of the Council, and many other positions within the Roman Curia.

Pius IX (1846-1878) in the first years of his pontificate named Vincenzo a member of a commission to examine certain affairs of state. On the death of Cardinal Micara (1847) he was made bishop of Ostia and Velletri and deacon of the College of Cardinals. He interested himself in the restoration of a famous castle, restored the cathedral, and made other improvements in his diocese. His sepulcher is at the Church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo.

From the description of Carte Macchi, 1742-1877 (bulk 1825-1860). (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 145570139


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