Hayden, Tom, 1939-2016

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Birth 1939-12-11
Death 2016-10-23

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Tom Hayden, Democrat, was a State Assembly Member, 1983-1992 and a State Senator, 1993-1998. He represented the 44th Assembly District in Los Angeles County until 1992 when his Assembly seat was eliminated with redistricting. Hayden was then elected to the 23rd Senatorial District in Los Angeles. He left office in 2000 because of term limits.

Hayden was a leader of student civil rights and anti-war movements in the 1960s, and the environmental and anti-nuclear movements in the 1970s. In 1994, Senator Hayden was a candidate for Governor of California in the June Democratic Primary, calling for reform of campaign finance and lobbying practices.

Senator Hayden was born on December 11, 1939 in Detroit, Michigan. He established California residence in 1968. Hayden attended the University of Michigan where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1961. He worked as a teacher and has written nine books including The Lost Gospel of the Earth, The Whole World Was Watching and Reunion which was cited by the New York Times as one of the best 200 books written in 1988. Senator Hayden was a faculty member at Pitzer College, University of Southern California, Immaculate Heart College, Holy Names College, Santa Monica College, New College and California State University, Sacramento.

He was formerly married to actress Jane Fonda. His children include his son Troy and step-daughter Vannessa. Senator Hayden is currently married to Barbara Williams, an actress and singer from British Columbia and has a son by this marriage.

Senator Hayden was active on the Solar-Cal Council, State of California, 1978-82. He served as the Governor's Alternate to the Southwest Border Regional Commission, 1979-80; the California representative to Western SUN, 1978-81; and the Chairman of Campaign California. He was member of National Organization of Women, Sierra Club, and Big Ten Alumni Club. He was appointed to the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEF) and attended the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

During his term in the California State Legislature, Senator Hayden authored 100 measures enacted into law or legislative policy. He was chair of Proposition 65 (1986) which enacted the nation's toughest drinking water protections and endorsed Proposition 99 (1988) which created the nation's most successful anti-smoking campaign. An environmental activist, Hayden headed up the Big Green initiative and authored legislation relating to environmental restoration, pollution penalties and mandatory recycling programs.

He has served on the following legislative committees:

In addition, as a member of the Legislature, Hayden was a member of the California Commission on Innovation, 1983-1984; Commission of the Californias, 1985-2000; California Policy Seminar, 1978-1992.

Assembly, 1983-1992

Standing Committees Aging and Long Term Care, 1987-1988 Banking, 1991-1992 Consumer Protection and Toxic Materials, 1983-1984 Economic Development and New Technologies, 1983-1986 Sub-Committee on Biotechnology, 1985-1986 Education, 1983-1990 Sub-Committee on Higher Education, 1985-1990 Chair, 1985-1990 Review of the Master Plan for Higher Education, 1985-1986 Environment Safety and Toxic Materials, 1985-1990 Finance and Bonded Indebtedness, 1991-1992 Labor and Employment, 1987-1990 Chair, 1987-1990 Natural Resources, 1991-1992 Policy Research, 1985-1986 Revenue and Taxation, 1983-1986 Vice Chair, 1983-1984, 1989-1990 Ways and Means, 1987-1988 Select Committees Accreditation, 1989-1990 Legislative Task Force on the Santa Monica Bay, 1989-1990 Chair, 1989-1990 Marine Resources, 1991-1992 Oil Spill Prevention and Response Preparedness, 1989-1990 Special Committees Immigration in the Work Place, 1987-1988 Los Angeles Crisis, 1991-1992 Policy Research Management, 1987-1988

Senate, 1993-2000

Standing Committees Budget and Fiscal Review, 1997-2000 Sub-Committee No.2 on Resources, Environmental Protection, Judiciary and Transportation, 1997-1998 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in Our Schools, 1993-2000 Education, 1995-1996 Energy and Public Utilities, 1993-1994 Energy, Utilities and Communications, 1995-1998 Environmental Quality, 1997-2000 Natural Resources and Wildlife, 1993-2000 Chair, 1993-2000 Sub-Committee on Coastal and Ocean Protection, 1999-2000 Toxics and Public Safety Management, 1993-1996 Transportation, 1993-2000 Select Committees Alameda Corridor, 1997-1998 California's Role in World Trade Organization, 1999-2000 Chair, 1999-2000 Community Development, 1997-1998 Family, Child and Youth Development, 1999-2000 Genetics and Public Policy, 1995-1998 Higher Education, 1997-2000 Chair, 1997-2000 Northridge Earthquake, 1993-1996 Southern California Water Districts Expenditures and Governance, 1997-2000 Special Committees Entertainment Industry, 1993-1994 Local Government Investments, 1995-1996

From the guide to the Tom Hayden papers, 1983-2000, (California State Archives)


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