Davids, Caroline A. F. Rhys (Caroline Augusta Foley Rhys), 1857-1942

Alternative names
Birth 1857-09-27
Death 1942-06-26

Biographical notes:

Born, 1857, daughter of John Foley of Wadham College and sometime Vicar of Wadhurst, Sussex, and Caroline E.Windham, of Felbrigg Hall, Cromer; educated at home and at University College London, where she became the John Stuart Mill and Joseph Hume scholar; married Thomas William Rhys-Davids (died 1922). Rhys-Davids was on the board of the Economic Journal from its inception until 1895, although her academic teaching areas remained largely Indian philosophy and Buddhism; Lecturer in Indian philosophy at Victoria University, Manchester, 1910-1913, and lectured on the history of Buddhism at the School of Oriental Studies, 1918-1933; involved in various societies for children's and working women's welfare, 1890-1894 and later became involved in the women's suffrage movement; Honorary Secretary of the Pali Text Society, founded by her husband in 1881, from 1907 and became President after his death; after the death of her only son, Arthur, during the First World War, Rhys-Davids also became increasingly involved with thoughts of the afterlife, spirit communications and telepathy, and published on the subject; died on 26 June 1942. Publications: Buddhist Psychol: Ethics , 1900, 1923; various first editions of Buddhist canonical and other works; Buddhist Psychology , 1914, 1924; Buddhism (Home Univ.) 1912, 1934; Buddh. translations, 1910-1931; Old Creeds and New Needs , 1923; The Will to Peace , 1923; Will and Willer , 1925; Gotama the Man , 1928; The Milinda Questions , 1930; Sakya , 1931, etc.; A Manual of Buddhism , 1932; Indian Religion and Survival , 1934; Outlines of Buddhism , 1934; Birth of Indian Psychology , 1935; What is your Will? , 1937; To Become or not to Become? , 1937; What was the Original Gospel in Buddhism? , 1938; More about the Hereafter , 1940; Poems of Cloister and Jungle , 1941; Wayfarer's Words I-III , 1940-1942; (Editor) Lectures on Psychology and Philosophy (Univ-Extn Series) by G. Croom Robertson, 1896.

From the guide to the Davids, Caroline Augusta Foley Rhys-, 1918-1940, (Senate House Library, University of London)


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