Charlotte, Queen, consort of George III, King of Great Britain, 1744-1818

Alternative names
Birth 1744-05-19
Death 1818-11-17

Biographical notes:

Queen Charlotte was the youngest daughter of Charles Lewis, brother of Frederic, third Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Charlotte, like her husband, was a considerable bibliophile and reader. She amassed her own collection of approximately 4,500 volumes, which were kept at Frogmore and Windsor. However, very little is known, save for this catalog, about the actual books she owned. Evenings at Windsor saw much social and recreational reading, and Queen Charlotte employed three readers: Marie Elisabeth de La Fite for German books, Jean André Deluc for French books, and Fanny Burney for English works. Her library was also used for the education of her children, especially her daughters. Although Charlotte learned English rapidly and fluently, she remained fond of German and, from the contents of this catalog, kept up with the latest German books. The Scottish painter and Enlightenment figure, Allan Ramsay, who spoke German with Charlotte while she was still mastering English, obtained German books for her.

Queen Charlotte's books, prints, drawings, furniture, objets d'art, jewels, and decorative trifles were offered in a series of Christie's auctions in 1819 under a thin veil of anonymity.

From the description of Verzeichniss der in Ihro Majestät der Koniginn Bibliothek zu Windsor und Frogmore enthaltenen deutschen Bücher [manuscript], England, between 1803-1818. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 123488356


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